home staging.. the process..

1. Get in touch, phone, email, text, facebook or instagram.  We will have a brief chat about the size of the house, timing of getting you on the market etc.  I check and pencil your staging with my movers.

2. Quote and agreement will be emailed to you as well as my complimentary staging checklist, a great tool if you are renovating or finishing the tidy up of your property to get ready for market.  If you wish to proceed with found & co, sign and email the agreement back to me.  Movers at this stage are confirmed.

2.  I will book an onsite viewing of the property with you.  This is a very necessary part of the process so I can custom the staging to the property.  Working with the colours of the walls, curtains and finishes, size of the rooms to ensure we have the correct size furniture for each space.

3. Planning, and packing.  This happens at our warehouse, and takes more time than the staging!  We plan everything, knowing exactly what is going on the coffee table, what rug is going under the coffee table, to what towels are going on the towel rail in the bathroom, and what decoration we will be putting on the vanity.

3. Installation day! Ideally a day or two before the professional photos.  Our professional movers meet us at the warehouse, we pack and head to your property to stage.

5.  Done!  Property is ready to be photographed, and on the market!