home staging

Why Home Stage?

To ensure buyers gain an emotional connection to your property, Found & Co creates a Staging Scheme specific to the space.  Using our extensive furniture, art and homeware collection, we transform your property room by room giving the potential buyer the feeling of being at home. 

Your home is a highly valuable asset - think of homestaging not as a cost, but rather as an investment. 

Your investment delivers:

  • Beautiful listing photos that draw in more leads – since 90% of buyers start their search online, this is more important than ever!
  • Nearly a third of buyers will be more willing to overlook any property faults
  • Prospective buyers will linger over 6x longer – giving them more time to fall in love with the home
  • Your property will sell quickly and for a higher profit

Full Staging

Full Home Staging

Based on the number of rooms to be staged.  The initial staging period is 5 weeks, staged the day before the marketing photos – giving you the maximum time with your home staged before auction. 

Viewing the property to quote is free of charge, which also allows us the time to plan and prep for staging day to create a cohesive scheme that shows your property off to potential buyers, while creating the best marketing photos to make them fall in love!  Emotional connections to your property is what you want.  Come auction day - 2 or 3 emotionally invested bidders means bidding war!

Partial (Owner Occupied) Staging

 Home Staging Service

For those Sellers who will be living in the property while it is on the market.  Known as Partial staging, we utilise a mix of your own furniture and homeware, we add the finishing touches, extra furniture pieces if required, homeware and art to compliment the property. 

This is beneficial to those families who will be looking to upgrade furniture once they are in their new property for whatever reason.  Children, animals, or time for a change!

Our partial staging service comes with a consultation to help you get a headstart on any decluttering and starting the process to show your biggest investment off to potential buyers.  A plan to get you ready for your property going on the market. 

When we stage a home – we situate the furniture in the room to ensure the best flow, the best photos and the best presentation of the space.  This may not be how you have lived in the home, sometimes when after a partial staging we have had home owners say to us, why didn’t we think to do that? 

Home Staging also creates the opportunity for the homeowner to get excited about their next move.  Once a home is staged, ready to go on the market – the homeowner can mentally distance themselves from the family home.


Stage now, pay later.  Or – if you are needing to do some reno work to get you ready for market, this can also be arranged.  Click here for info.

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Storage and moving (additional cost)

We know a cluttered home (and garage) screams lack of storage.  And that is what you DON’T want when selling your home.  We can arrange offsite storage for you and help you move your excess furniture and boxes to maximise space in your home.  If your cupboards and wardrobes are overflowing – potential buyers will think there is not enough space for you, there won’t be enough space for them.  

Every property and situation differs, a tailored solution is what we offer.